Simplicity Singles

by As I Am

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Official Singles from As I Am's Debut Album Simplicity


released 12 November 2013
Recorded by As I Am at Creative Power Studios January - October 2013

Produced by As I Am and Four Floors Of Whores

Mixed and Mastered by Four Floors Of Whores

Vocals and lyrics by As I Am

Released by The Truth Creative Agency (



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Simplicity

Looking out of the cars

Looking into the screens

The picture’s distorted

The picture’s unclean

The purity of simplicity

Is the means by which we

make a better world

Imagination unfurl

And start to think outside the box

And free our souls from their locks

Build a new world on a foundation as solid as rock

Letting go of my ego

I see the picture clearly

No longer a mirror dimly lit

I see face to face

In the place beyond time and space

Simply Live.

Live Simply.

I know I am God of my whole

Universe Soul

I know the lights cannot blind me

No the noise can’t drown out my voice

Can’t drown out my thoughts of a solution

And this spiritual pollution can’t cloud my divinity

So let me know if you’re hearing me

Are you seeing me clearly?

Cause to see me is to see you

And to see the Truth

Yes, this is the Truth

Real talk ’bout time

Cause this place is getting crowded

And people are still doubting

But I tell you something ’bout it

The Truth will be spoken whether you’re ready to face it or not

And I will change the world

Through speaking simple words and living simply

And letting go of all of it

All the bullshit

All the fake shit

I will get this done

We are all one

We are all one

We are all one

Knowledge We cannot escape from

Simply Live.

Live Simply.

Simplicity can save me

Simplicity can save the …


I am As I Am

I am the God of my Universe Soul
Track Name: Energy

In a crowded place
I can’t help but think about space
And energy
How can something that’s everywhere not be free?

I let myself entertain the idea

I know we could see a
If we take a step back
Could be on the right track

But, we don’t like to face facts
We like to find facts
We don’t like to think
We like to hear thoughts

So in that case, hear what I have to say
Let your soul and your Truth come out to play
Don’t be afraid
All this time we waste trying to fit a round peg
Into a square hole
We could unfold
And be one
And just enjoy the ride

Funny how our culture will die
Without cooperation from all sides
But so many get pushed to the side
Can’t seem to unite
Cause we differ on opinions

At the simplest level
We all could be winning
I know


And we could be as free
As the energy in everything
It is everything
When you breathe or when you sing
Energy in motion
Ever flowing like the ocean
And I know that I’ve been chosen
To communicate this notion
That we can’t be closed in

So when we come across suffering circumstances
We just take our chances
And make our struggles look like dances
Until we light a spark in the dark of the night
Or should I say the absence of light?
There’s no difference between black and white
There’s only wrong and right
There’s separate and unite
We can all live life enlightened
That could be something worth fighting for
But not in wars just in words
Be above that shit like the birds

I know the time is coming when
We want nothing more then
To live in peace
It’s a dream
It’s a dream
But God speaks to me
And says its something
We’re ready to achieve
I believe
And if I once learned how to walk on two feet
Then it seems I am only limited by my beliefs

Don’t wait for a guide
See to believe with your mind not your eyes

I set my soul on fire for the dreams I aspire to
And I’ll never be influenced by another I just learn from you
My higher Self if the only I I answer to
Because I know my Truth
But I never stop growing
You start to die when you do

You always can improve
You always can renew
The Truth is so simple, man
You just have to choose
To take responsibility for your life
If we all did wouldn’t that be a sight?

In this world
There’s wrong and there’s right
Some live and some die
Some fall and some rise
Some have and have not
Some get away and some get caught
I tell you one thing that’s not
Luck isn’t the issue
Change your mindset and abundance will find you
There’s enough to go around

Energy is everything
Energy abounds